Frost Radar For Economic Development

Benchmarking Countries based on Future Growth Potential

The Frost Radar TM for Economic Development (FR-ED) centers on two key elements of Growth and Innovation,and emphasizes on the ability of countries to foster citizen-centric governance, enhance quality of life of their citizens, and ensure sustained economic development thereby reflecting future growth potential. Frost & Sullivan leverages a robust data-driven indexing methodology to annually track the competitiveness of economies across the globe to help drive investment.
The growth axis evaluates the macroeconomic health of the country by looking at key macroeconomic indicators such as GDP, FDI Investment sentiment, income inequality, social development and the like.
While innovation traditionally refers to technology and R&D, the Frost RadarTM for Economic Development has taken a slightly different approach to represent the implementation of enabling policies & initiatives that spur innovation. Innovation encompasses FSI’s priorities namely Education, Environment, Economics, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Human Rights and Security.

*FR-ED includes 200 countries with a nominal GDP at and above $1 billion (2019) (were selected)

Our Methodology

How can you Leverage
Frost Radar for Economic Development

As a Donor

Focus your contribution on socio-economic priority areas to help improve the future growth potential of countries

As a Donor

Engage with policy-makers and Organizations to co-create srategy and policy for countries with a low innovation score and rank

As a Volunteer

Get involved with Organizations already operational in countries ranked high on the FR-ED

As a Volunteer

Get involved in developing targeted thought leadership development/research on gap areas in countries that are not ranked high on the FR-ED to help improve Innovation score and rank

Frost Radar for Economic Development, 2020

Top 5 Countries