About the Institute

The Frost & Sullivan Institute (FSI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to utilizing business practices to address global priorities. The genesis of the institute goes back to the vision of our Executive Director, David Frigstad; which was to either create, or become part of, a solution that addresses threats to humanity.

FSI has identified strategic imperatives for transformation and believes that by using a Socratic approach, we can truly accelerate innovation to zero (Zero illiteracy, zero disparity, zero disease, zero poverty, zero degradation, and zero hunger) The Institute works in collaboration with leading analyst teams, its internal research team, industry experts, and other partners. It works closely with Frost & Sullivan Inc. to leverage in-house thought leadership in order to identify opportunities for transformation that will arise from innovation, disruptive technologies and overarching megatrends that will alter the world as we know it today.

FSI will create a community of visionaries and change agents who are driven by passion, intent and the desire to make a dent in the universe by addressing the gaps that exist in education, healthcare, infrastructure, human rights, environment sustainability, security and economic equality.

Our Vision

Leveraging our community of experts and best practices to address Global Priorities

Frost & Sullivan vision

Our Mission

Our Approach

Understanding the Problem

Problem Illumination through The Socratic Method: Understanding the problem makes solving it easier.

Best Practices

Analyze what is working, inspire, recognize & promote

Research Structuring

Once we understand the problem we can begin to identify how to measure & monitor it.


Collaboration with strategic partners and accelerating implementation

Our Guiding Principles

Generosity of Spirit


Inclusion for All


Alignment of stake holders


Leverage Assests


Synergistic Role


Inspirational Approach


Research Platform


Our Milestones

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Why FSI?

Make an Impact

Help Innovate to Zero. Improve lives, Accelerate Change & Inspire Action

Join A Community

Bridge the gap between Governments, Investors & the Private Sector

Active Engagement

Collaborate on thought leadership and share experiences


Get involved every step of the way and celebrate the change you have made

FSI Global Footprint

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