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The Frost & Sullivan Institute (FSI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to utilizing business practices to address global priorities. The genesis of the institute goes back to the vision of our Chairman, David Frigstad; which was to either create, or become part of, a solution that addresses threats to humanity.

FSI has identified strategic imperatives for transformation and believes that by using a Socratic approach, we can truly accelerate innovation to zero (Zero illiteracy, zero disparity, zero disease, zero poverty, zero degradation and zero hunger).

David Frigstad

Executive Director, Frost & Sullivan Institute

Executive Director's


“….The genesis of Frost & Sullivan Institute goes back to my epiphany during a TED talk and listening to people doing amazing things to give back to humanity, while I sat there clueless about how I could become part of the solution in addressing threats to humanity. As I brainstormed ways to get involved, I recognized that we had over six decades of experience and materials to leverage to get started.


For the past 60 years, at Frost & Sullivan Inc. we have been helping business communities and governments navigate convergence and disruption to achieve growth. Building on a solid foundation of decades of research, Frost & Sullivan Institute will draw on the identified best practices in business and utilize these in addressing global priorities: Environment, Education, Infrastructure, Health, Human Security, Human Rights, and Economic inclusivity.


To give our cause due momentum, we need to build a community of people who are passionate about finding ways to be part of the solution. The complexity of the most pressing issues facing society today is too big for any one group to solve. If you are as passionate as I am about seeing a paradigm shift in the way global challenges are tackled, I call on you to join hands with FSI to become a part of this shift.

Join us in our journey to revisit, rethink, and restrategize toward a consolidated effort for a better future!

Our Vision

Leveraging our community of Experts and Best Practices to address Global Priorities



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    Supporting Street Vendors

    A joint effort between United Way Chennai and Frost & Sullivan to support street vendors in Tamil Nadu during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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