Executive Director, Frost & Sullivan Institute

Silicon Valley, United States

David is the Executive Director of Frost & Sullivan Institute as well as of Frost & Sullivan. David has devoted his career to helping companies generate, evaluate and implement innovative growth strategies. Shortly after graduating university he co-founded a company, which later became known as Frost & Sullivan. Frost & Sullivan pioneered and has become a world leader in providing economic, technology, competitive, customer, demographic and best practices research to support clients with their investment and business strategy decisions. David has authored six books which leverage his career experience in Market Engineering, High Technology Market Research and so on.  David truly believes in ‘Dent the Universe’; and is passionate about driving change that will transform lives. It is his vision that has taken the shape of Frost & Sullivan Institute.

Aroop Zutshi

Director, Frost & Sullivan Institute
Silicon Valley, United States

Aroop is a founding member of Frost & Sullivan institute. With over 30 years of experience Aroop has been involved in developing the growth strategy for the company. Aside from driving the globalization of Frost & Sullivan, he also works with fortune 500 companies in designing their growth strategies by evaluating new opportunities for growth. He also works with many local, state and federal government agencies in helping their economic transformation agenda and initiatives. Aroop is passionate about giving back to society and believes doing good for others, and doing right by others are a fundamental duty. He believes in human and animal welfare alike. 

Director, Frost & Sullivan Institute
Tel Aviv, Israel

Eran was instrumental and led Frost & Sullivan’s Israel operations. Having worked with Frost & Sullivan Inc. for over 12 years, as well as in other capacities, he has worked with clients on the planning and execution of their growth strategies. Eran drives social transformation by working closely with and matching between tech startups and value-driven investors, thus also generating opportunities for corporations and other stakeholders within FSI’s ecosystem.

Director, Frost & Sullivan Institute
Chennai, India

A founding member of Frost & Sullivan Institute, Prerna is an economist by qualification and a strategist by profession. With experience of over 14 years in Frost & Sullivan, she drives socio-economic research and analytics for emerging markets. She also works on key global implementation projects to help drive the vision, product and value proposition for the Company. Prerna is passionate about making a difference to the lives of others and believes that every little counts. She is especially passionate about women’s education, inclusiveness and animal welfare.

Director, Frost & Sullivan Institute
Indianapolis, United States

A forward-thinker by nature, Charlie was the founder of Vision Media Studios in Frost & Sullivan over 15 years ago. He pioneered video content and delivery for the Company. He carries his passion for technology and all things digital to Frost & Sullivan Institute and operates in the capacity of a chief digital officer.

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